Over You Chapter 51

Being a single mom, even temporarily, sucks. I never realized just how helpful Eric really is where Ella is concerned. I know he plays with her, feeds her and does all the other stuff a dad is supposed to do; I just didn’t realize how much that took off of my plate. It’s not easy doing it alone so I’m thrilled when it looks like he’ll be getting back on time. My quick trip out to Kansas was as much for me as it was for him.

I needed a little break from Ella and on top of that, I missed him. My hormones would get the better of me sometimes and I’d end up crying for no good reason. I was at the park one afternoon with Ella and I saw a little girl being pushed on a swing by her dad and I burst into tears. If Eric was around he would have calmed me down in no time.

It got me thinking about the wedding. We haven’t set a date yet and I’m debating waiting until after Archie is born. There’s a part of me that wants to just do it and get it over with, but I don’t want to half ass something so important. I want to make a big deal about this. I want bridesmaids and flowers and a dress that doesn’t have a maternity panel sewn into it.

Ella’s first birthday is next week and I can’t believe a whole year has almost passed, but it has. What sucks is that I don’t think Eric will be able to come home for it. I’ve got a party planned and everything, but I understand. Ella won’t even know the difference and she won’t remember that he wasn’t there. I’ll take plenty of pictures for him and we’ll absolutely Skype on her birthday.

What I’m not prepared for is when Eric’s parents make a surprise visit three days after I get back from Kansas. Since we had all lived in the same small town for so long they knew who I was and I remember seeing them. Both of Eric’s parents are tall with blond hair and blue eyes. His father’s voice sounds almost identical to Eric’s, and since Ella is just in the other room she comes toddling up to me thinking Daddy is home.

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