!Fiction Index!

So here we have a list of the stories that Scribe & MMHS have written to date. Click on the banner to gain entry to the story.

Ain't No Grave

SUMMARY: Eric and Sookie are ready to start a family and decide it’s time to move out of New York. They purchase the old Compton house in Bon Temps, Louisiana where Sookie remembers visiting as a child. The house needs work but the bones are great. Too bad no one told them it isn’t quite vacant.

STATUS: Coming soon!

Can't Stop This Thing We Started

SUMMARY: After being friends for a decade, the wedding of mutual friends has Eric & Sookie coming to terms with feelings they didn’t know they had. Can they make it work, or are they better off just friends?

STATUS: Complete

Can't Stop Outtakes

SUMMARY: A collection of outtakes from the Can’t Stop This Thing We Started universe.

Counting Stars Banner

SUMMARY: In order to make some quick cash to bail out her failing economy, Queen Sophie-Anne LeClerq has pitched a reality show called Game of Thrones that allows an all access look into her queendom. Because the queen’s word is law, Sheriff Eric Northman is forced to participate in what he considers to be a terrible idea. Field producer Sookie Stackhouse is assigned to Area 5, and Eric Northman specifically. What starts out as a get rich quick scheme quickly evolves into a battle for the throne… and their lives.

Fix You

SUMMARY: A casual, passionate relationship gets serious really quick when a broken condom leads Sookie to discover she’s pregnant. How does a new couple deal with a pregnancy they didn’t plan for?

STATUS: Complete

Help Me Remember

SUMMARY: “There’s no talking this over. The damage is done. There’s just too much hurt, too much to forgive. Oh, but we both know we weren’t always like this.” After 3 years together Eric & Sookie breakup, but it isn’t really over for either one of them. Can they put their past hurt behind them and make it work the second time around, or is it really over?

Status: Complete


Summary: The Hep-V threat is still very real as, is the threat that Sookie will need a vampire to pair off with but we think there’s a much better option for her than Bill. Namely a tall, blonde Viking who nearly burned to death on the side of a Swedish mountain. Will Sookie and Eric finally end up together and will Bill finally get what’s coming to him?

Once Upon A Time

SUMMARY: Sookie is given over to the fairies for her own protection after the Great Revelation. She’s raised there as a fairy princess with a rebellious side. After reaching fae maturity she decides to go through the portal that will take her back home to Louisiana, only to find that earth is a dangerous place for a renegade fairy. Who are her allies and can earth ever be her home again?

STATUS: In Progress

Over You

SUMMARY: Eric & Sookie have always been annoyed by each other. After high school he moved off to L.A. to pursue fame while Sookie remained devoted to her high school boyfriend, Jake, who just happens to be Eric’s best friend. Then a terrible tragedy brings Eric & Sookie back together. The events that follow change both of their lives forever. AH/OOC

STATUS: Complete

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Summary: In 1957 Sookie is sent away by her parents to summer at Gran’s resort in the hopes that it will straighten her out and get her away from the bad crowd she’s been running with. While she’s there she spies a shy, square type reading by the beach. No words are exchanged, but sparks still fly. Can this shy stranger help her turn her life around, or is Sookie doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over again?

Status: Complete


SUMMARY: A challenge between chefs brings out their competitive sides, but it’s not just a victory Eric is after. With their hearts on the line, sparks fly and romance blooms. What comes up must come down and Sookie crashes hard when she’s violently attacked by her ex’s fiance. Will Sookie survive the attack and who will win the battle for Sookie’s heart?

28 thoughts on “!Fiction Index!

  1. I love it when you two write together! I am thoroughly enjoying “Over You”. It is my dessert for the end of a long, long day….thanks for a wonderful story. I am very interested in Eric’s history – there is something that causes him to act the way he does and I am sure that Jake is the one person who knew and understood what made him tick…like an onion, we will get to see Sookie peel him layer after layer.

  2. In Over You, the script that Felipe wants Eric for the lead role, would you ever consider collaborating and making that into a fic?

    1. That story is actually one that I started writing a long time ago but I have yet to finish. It’s called Holding Back the Years and you can find it on my fanfiction.net profile. Thanks for reading!

  3. The new story Stolen looks fantastic, I can’t wait!!! I’m loving the current story, Over you! Incredible work ladies!!!!!!!!!

  4. You to do wonderful stories together. I can’t wait everyday for the updates. I do though and patiently I might add. LOL! Stolen sounds absolutely fantastic. I hope you ladies never run out of stories.

  5. I LOVE eveything you pen – collaborations and your own individual works. Makesmyheadspin,any chance you’ll ever come back to Holding Back the Years? I’m excited to see how that one ends! Thanks for writing!

  6. I am now signing up for updates via email so that I get prompted wheneve you guys post new stuff. But then again, not receiving emails will probably not stop me from visiting this site everyday… Just in case 🙂

  7. I’ve read all the stories you’ve posted here and on your individual pages. Love them! Keep checking to see if Just a Little Heat and Closer have been updated, but figured I should sign up for updates instead of checking the page multiple times a week. Looking forward to reading more!

    1. Lol @ stargazer2181 I HAVE signed up for the updates and I STILL check here all of the time to see if I missed something. I am eager for an update on Just a Little Heat and especially on Closer! I hope RL is being kind to both Scribe & MMHS! Love you ladies & hope you can update soon!

  8. For some reason “just a little heat” won’t come up when I click the banner. 😦 it just takes me to the pic 😦

  9. HI! I love all your stories!! You’re amazing writers, so I was just really looking forward to read “let me go”, but I can’t even see the title nor the summary here anymore… where did it go??

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